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Micof is a patented synthetic cornea, which uses advanced cell technology to integrate synthetic optics into the permanent eye tissue, replacing the anterior segment optical system.

It is made by nano chemical engineering, which can stimulate the growth of cells.

By integrating synthetic materials with human tissues, Micof combines novel biological integration technology with innovative ideas to create a breakthrough solution to meet the unmet needs of Ophthalmology.

To provide long-term medical solutions for corneal blindness, pathology and injury.

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#Corporate vision#
To become the world's first company to help the blind recover their sight and the most trusted enterprise for the blind
#Our mission#
To create a world without blind people
We are committed to the final treatment of corneal disease, so that every corneal blind patients return to light! Light up the light in the heart of patients!
Therefore, after years of continuous innovation and efforts, Beijing mikpro medical device Co., Ltd. has finally developed the mikpro artificial cornea (Micof). The artificial cornea, which is made of inert inert material instead of damaged tissue, is a revolutionary innovation in corneal replacement therapy.
Yu Haoyong, the founder, has successfully developed a permanent artificial cornea for more than 10 years. After nearly 10 years of clinical application with 301 Hospital of Chinese PLA and hospitals all over the country, 100 patients who were unable to do living corneal transplantation due to corneal damage and had been blind for many years regained light. The application of this important technology has aroused strong repercussions in the field of Ophthalmology.
The company was founded to develop artificial cornea and other products
Human experiment of formal artificial cornea
Establishment of MiOk artificial cornea production base
Obtain production license; formally declare MiOk
We signed clinical agreements with Beijing Tongren Hospital and PLA General Hospital, and conducted clinical trials in two hospitals
Special approval for green channel innovative medical devices